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Dr. rer. nat. Hans Romberg

Dr. Hans Romberg studied physics in Heidelberg and Karlsruhe (advanced degree and PhD in experimental solid-state physics ? low-temperature physics, high-temperature superconductivity, conductive polymers, and fullerenes).

Today his main focus is basic research in laser therapy. This includes such subjects as the properties of light and their significance for the interaction between light and biological tissue, and thus the significance of the correct parameters of LLLT for successful laser therapy.

He assembles experiences and study results which have been gained with various light sources and vastly different power outputs in order to develop the basis for a more precise determination of dosages in LLLT.

Dr. Hans Romberg provides basic instruction and training in LLLT and supports the development of research projects for the exact determination of the physical-technical parameters. He has published numerous articles on the scientific basics and applications of laser therapy.

Dr. Hans Romberg is a member of IMedLA (International Medical Laser Association, founder and general secretary), WALT (World Association Laser Therapy), SALT (Swiss Association Laser Therapy, director), DGLM (German Society for Laser Medicine), EMLA (European Medical Laser Association, founder and director of EMLA Germany) and ISLSM (International Society for Laser in Surgery and Medicine).