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What is COLLL? – College

Tanja Wallhauer

  • Certified animal naturopath (Association of German animal healers)  with mobile practice in Gauting near Munich.
  • Certified animal homeopath
  • Licensed animal acupuncturist and specialist in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM)
  • Certified laser phototherapist ( College für Laser-Phototherapie e.V.)

Further training:
  • Certified animal dental hygienist
  • Natural parasite protection for cats and dogs
  • Intestinal health in animals
  • Animal Tongue diagnostics in TCVM
  • Dorn-Breuss therapy on dogs
  • Cancer therapy with TCM and acupuncture for animals
  • Fascia therapy for dogs and horses
  • Faecal diagnosis in animals
  • Classical homeopathy and medicinal plants
  • The RAC in veterinary medicine
  • Mycotherapy