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Dr. med. vet. Erhan Gökdag

Erhan is a specialist in laser phototherapy and laser acupuncture in veterinary medicine.

Licensed as veterinary surgeon at the University of Ankara 1992

  • Urla Gelisim Vakfi Poliklinigini founded 1992
  • Urla VET Polikinik founded 1994

Various training courses, among others:

  • ISTANBUL Uni. 'Reproduktive Ultrasonografie bei Tieren' Course 2007
  • Veterinary Orthopedics and Traumatology Society (VOT-DER) Basic princips of fracture fiksation2010
  • VOT-DER 'Dynamic intra medullary locking pin fixation' course 2012
  • IVHO 'Small animal Hemetology, transfusion and haemostazis' 2013
  • ACKISD (Turkish Shepherd Dog Sports Club) HD-ED Röntgentechnik 2013
  • Uludag Uni. 'Abdominal USG in small animal' 2013
  • Clinician Veterinary Medical ass.'Cardiology' 2013
  • Clinician Veterinary Medical ass.'Diagnosis of Heart problems' 2013
  • Endoscopy in small animals 2013
  • Endoscopy and Laser Acupuncture 2014
  • IVHO 'Leishmaniasis 2015
  • Thorax surgery
  • Biomechanics and peripheral neurology of the dog 2016
  • Spine Breuss Therapy 2016
  • Dorn -Breuss Therapy Advanced Course 2016
  • Osteopathic fascia myofascial Release 2017


  • WSAVA World small animal veterinary ass. (Member)
  • TSAVA Türkish small animal veterinary ass. (member)
  • ATF Academy for Veterinary Education (Member)
  • Izmir Veterinary Chamber and Turkish Veterinary Confederation (Member)
  • KHVHD Clinician Veterinary Medical ass. (Member)
  • VOT-DER Turkish Veterinary Orthopedics and Traumatology Sociyety (Board of directors)
  • Turkish Veterinary Acupuncture Sociyety (Board of directors)
  • Türkish Veterinary Homeopathy Sociyety (Board of directors)