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Certification Module - Qualification Certificate Phototherapist (COLLL) to The Big Course on Photobiomodulation

Price incl. VAT: 90,00 €

Price incl. VAT: 90,00 €

This additional module to The Big Course on Photobiomodulation is obligatory for all those who want to earn the Qualification Certificate Phototherapist (COLLL). For this certificate, you must have taken the four tests on the four parts of The Big Course on Photobiomodulation. These four tests are part of The Big Course on Photobiomodulation. In the course, you are free to decide whether or not to take the associated test after each of the four parts of the course. If you do participate in the tests, you will be notified of the result after completing each test and - if you pass the respective test - a confirmation code will be displayed. Thus, upon completion of The Big Course on Photobiomodulation, you will have received four confirmation codes.

With these four confirmation codes, you can now verify that you have participated in and passed all four tests. To receive your Qualification Certificate Phototherapist (COLLL) please book this additional module to the course and enter your four test confirmation codes into this additional module, which will now be available in your account. Your Qualification Certificate Phototherapist (COLLL) is now ready for download.